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The Skin Center

Healthcare – United States

Capin Vyborny

Business Services – United States


Technology – Spain

International Assembly Inc

Business Services – United States

IPM Montessori

Education – Mexico


Technology – Israel



Financial Services – Colombia


Industrial – Spain


Merchant Capital Source

Financial Services – United States


Healthcare – Colombia


Telecom – Mexico



Technology – Mexico


Technology – Spain



Business Services – United States

IS Entrega

Logistics – Brazil

"Working with ALZA has very much felt like working with an individual advisor, while maintaining the benefits of an institutional investor. They help us across the entire spectrum of the search process, from sending us leads in different industries to advising us on multiples and issues to consider based on their experience.”

Pedro and Isauro, Principals at Latitud Capital

"Our experience with ALZA has been outstanding - the team is knowledgeable, data-driven, and incredibly responsive. They are an asset to our fund and we're excited to continue working with them."

Nicholas and Daniel, Managing Partners at Fairwater Partners

"ALZA was a key driver of our fundraising success. Having them as investors not only opened doors in the investment community, but also provided us with a guideline in building the proper cap-table. We are looking forward to interacting with them during the search and operating phase."

Alejandro and Ernesto, Founding Partners at Hexagon Capital

'“ALZA was one of the most supportive investors during my search, acquisition, and now in the operating company as a Board member. My experience with ALZA is a good reminder of why I wanted to become a searcher-to achieve my dream of being a CEO supported by strong mentors who cared about me.”

Jean-Paul Destarac, Chief Executive Officer at Capin Vyborny

"ALZA’s partnership has been critical to accelerating my search – offering best practices, pattern recognition, and long term alignment in our views. They push me to think about and anticipate blind spots in the search process which is fundamental to maximizing time."

Andro Rodriguez, Founder & President at Armour House

"I specifically sought out ALZA as an investor in my search fund because I valued their experience as entrepreneurs who had successfully utilized the search fund model themselves. I knew they could walk with me through the journey of entrepreneurship through acquisition and be a valuable and practical partner."

Eddy Zakes, Founder & CEO at Crosswalk Capital

"From the beginning, ALZA Capital has been an invaluable companion in my search, fully supporting me with my activities and questions and providing invaluable insights that only seasoned investors would have. I feel lucky to be partnering with them."

Toby Sacchi, Managing Partner at CS Investimenti

"It has been invaluable to have such highly collaborative and thoughtful partners. The team always provides quick and insightful  recommendations, enabling me to be more efficient in my search for a great company."

Naim Abdullah, Managing Partner at RiverRun Capital

"ALZA has been an incredible partner to my search. The team's deep LatAm knowledge combined with their search fund experience provide focused advice leveraging the decision process."

Anna Moreira, Managing Partner at Oca Capital